Iron Horse Mud Ranch

Map & Directions

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Iron Horse Mud Ranch

8999 US Highway 19 S.
Perry, FL 32348

Phone: 850.584.5437

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Starting North

1.Starting in MACON, GA on WALNUT ST go toward 1ST ST go 0.27 mi
2.Turn RIGHT on SPRING ST go 0.41 mi
3.Take ramp onto I-16 W toward I-75/ATLANTA go 1.03 mi
4.Take the VALDOSTA LEFT exit onto I-75 S go 149.54 mi
5.Take exit #16/VALDOSTA/QUITMAN onto WIREGRASS GEORGIA PKY(US-84) toward QUITMAN go 1.92 mi
6.Continue to follow US-84 go 13.21 mi
7.Turn LEFT on S COURT ST(US-221) go 0.68 mi
8.Continue to follow US-221 go 23.06 mi
9.Turn LEFT on W US 90 go 0.31 mi
10.Turn RIGHT on SW US 221 go 2.84 mi
11.Continue on US-221 go 24.22 mi
12.Bear LEFT on S BYRON BUTLER PKY(US-19 S) go 2.71 mi
13.Continue to follow US-19 S go 5.99 mi
14.Arrive at 8999 US HIGHWAY 19 S, PERRY, on the RIGHT

Time: 3 hours 58 mins, Distance: 226.19 mi

Starting South

1.Starting in LAND O LAKES, FL on LAND O LAKES BLVD go toward HALE RD go 7.66 mi
2.Turn LEFT on STATE ROAD 52(SR-52) go 2.71 mi
3.Continue to follow SR-52 go 0.32 mi
4.Turn RIGHT to take ramp onto SR-589-TOLL N toward SUNCOAST PARKWAY/BROOKSVILLE (Toll applies) go 26.51 mi
5.Take ramp toward CRYSTAL RIVER (Toll applies) go 0.34 mi
6.Turn LEFT on US-98 N go 4.45 mi
7.Turn RIGHT on S SUNCOAST BLVD(US-19 N) go 6.48 mi
8.Continue to follow US-19 N go 110.6 mi
9.Make a U-Turn on US HIGHWAY 19 S(US-19 S) go 0.1 mi
10.Arrive at 8999 US HIGHWAY 19 S, PERRY, on the RIGHT

Time: 3 hours 12 mins, Distance: 159.18 mi

Starting East

1.Starting in JACKSONVILLE, FL on E BEAVER ST go toward N MAIN ST go 0.13 mi
2.Turn RIGHT on N LAURA ST go 0.11 mi
3.Turn LEFT on W STATE ST(US-23 N) go 0.51 mi
4.Continue to follow US-23 N go 0.26 mi
5.Take LEFT ramp onto I-95 S toward US-17 S/SR-228 W go 0.45 mi
6.Take exit #352D/STOCKTON ST/LAKE CITY onto I-10 W toward #351B/LAKE CITY go 80.02 mi
7.Take exit #283/LIVE OAK/JASPER toward LIVE OAK go 0.3 mi
8.Turn LEFT on US-129 go 3.24 mi
9.Bear RIGHT on 11TH ST SW(SR-51) go 0.5 mi
10.At traffic circle, take third exit onto SR-51 go 18.6 mi
11.Turn RIGHT on NW COUNTY ROAD 536(CR-534) go 3 mi
12.Bear RIGHT on W US 27 go 9.9 mi
13.Continue on US-27 go 9.92 mi
14.Turn LEFT on FOLEY RD go 2.71 mi
15.Turn LEFT on S BYRON BUTLER PKY(US-19 S) go 0.16 mi
16.Continue to follow US-19 S go 5.99 mi
17.Arrive at 8999 US HIGHWAY 19 S, PERRY, on the RIGHT

Time: 2 hours 27 mins, Distance: 135.8 mi

Starting West

1.Starting in PENSACOLA, FL on N PALAFOX ST go toward E CERVANTES ST go 167 ft
2.Turn RIGHT on E CERVANTES ST(US-90) go 0.24 mi
3.Turn LEFT on N HAYNE ST go 243 ft
4.Take LEFT ramp onto I-110 N go 5.39 mi
5.Take exit #6/TALLAHASSEE onto I-10 E toward #6/TALLAHASSEE go 212.8 mi
6.Take exit #225/FL-GA PARKWAY/MONTICELLO/PERRY onto S JEFFERSON(US-19 S) toward PERRY go 5.05 mi
7.Bear LEFT on US-19 S go 39.01 mi
8.Arrive at 8999 US HIGHWAY 19 S, PERRY, on the RIGHT

Time: 4 hours 8 mins, Distance: 262.58 mi